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I was born and raised in Madagascar and moved to New York in 2006 with my husband and children. In a family of seven siblings, I was the youngest.

Being the youngest, I received a lot of love and care growing up, and it was a beautiful experience. As a result, I got to see firsthand what childcare was like before having my own children and working with children. Coming from such a caring childhood, I wanted to reciprocate that care for other children and, of course, for my own. On top of that, I also worked as a nanny for several families and at several daycares while living in New York.

My journey with Vanessa began right in her living room, where she hosted her first daycare. Eventually, I made my way through all the VHG Group schools, from the original Petits Poussins to where I am now, Petits Poussins Upper East Side.