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A Closer Look At Bilingualism in Early Childhood


Bilingualism during early childhood is a topic that often raises questions among parents, educators, and even researchers. Here at Petits Poussins UES, a reputable French-English bilingual preschool, we find it imperative to shed light on what is known so far and convey such information to the general public. Might this be a topic you are interested in? We urge you to read on below!

As advocates of optimal language development in New York City, New York, we present some of the most commonly asked questions about bilingualism in early childhood—along with their respective answers. These are the following:

  • Can simultaneously learning two languages confuse a child?

    Generally, no. Many providers of child care programs concur that children have the cognitive ability to learn and distinguish between two languages successfully. This enables them to avoid confusion by effectively separating and utilizing distinct language systems.

  • When is the optimal time to introduce a second language to a child?

    The earlier, the better. Children exhibit heightened receptiveness to language acquisition during their early years, and exposure to multiple languages during this period can pave the way for more fluent bilingualism.

  • What if a child is displaying a preference for one language over the other?

    It is typical for bilingual children to favor a particular language, especially in specific contexts. Balancing this preference can be achieved by ensuring ample exposure and opportunities in both languages. If you could use a hand, there’s nowhere better to turn to than our daycare in New York.

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