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All in the Hands of the Parents

all-in-the-hands-of-the-parentsPetits Poussins UES is a reliable daycare in the Upper East Side, New York. Children as little as six weeks old and as old as five are welcome. Our school offers bilingual programs that are influenced by both the New York State standards and the French national curriculum.

Due to the fact that we prioritize your child’s welfare above all else, we have been every parent’s choice since we first opened. We are a preschool in New York that you can count on when you want to ensure your child’s learning.

As a French-English Bilingual Preschool, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on early language development and bilingualism, as well as the growth of our students’ creativity and gross motor abilities. Our vocabulary-rich curriculum, which incorporates sing-alongs and read-aloud at every age, aids our students’ vocabulary development in a comfortable setting. Incorporating what they have learned in class into their daily activities and routines, this aids in the development of a second language that our kids are eager to communicate with.

We make learning more interesting due to our bilingual educational environment. The cornerstones of our childcare are wellness, enjoyment, intellectual growth, and language acquisition–which could help in reaching your child’s full potential.

We have a team of competent teachers with extensive early childhood teaching expertise. They are chosen based on their previous teaching experience, capacity for empathy, caring traits, and sensitivity to the needs of the kids. That is why our child care programs will surely be of great help to your children. You may contact us today if you have questions!

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