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Benefits of Bilingualism in Early Childhood Education


Learning multiple languages benefits our entire society, particularly children. Being bilingual and bi-literate has been shown to have numerous benefits. Thus, enrolling your child in a French-English Bilingual Daycare is advantageous for these reasons:

  • Cognitive Development
    Bilingual and bi-literate people switch between two different language systems. According to studies, bilingual people have an advantage over their non-bilingual peers in using logic and reasoning, understanding math concepts, and solving word problems.
  • Social-Emotional Development
    Being bilingual helps children maintain close relationships with their family, culture, and community. All these are essential components of developing their identity, starting in Preschool. Bilingual children can also use their second language to make new friends and form strong relationships, a vital skill in our increasingly diverse society.
  • Learning
    School readiness and success for children who are dual or multi-language learners are tied directly to mastery of their home language. Multilingual and bilingual children benefit academically from learning more than one language in many ways. Because they can switch between languages, they develop more flexible approaches that promote higher levels of abstract thought, an edge in Education.
  • Long-Term Success
    One-half to two-thirds of adults across the globe speak at least two languages. They have more job opportunities compared to monolingual adults globally. Bilingual and bi-literate people have more opportunities to participate in the global community, get information from more sources, and learn more about people from other cultures.

We at Petits Poussins UES, a French-English Bilingual Preschool, and Daycare in New York, offer a curriculum rich in vocabulary, in-depth on bilingualism and early language acquisition, infused with sing-along and read-aloud at all ages, helping children build vocabulary in a stress-free environment.

Contact us for your child’s Language Development in New York City, New York.

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