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Bilingualism in Younger Children


Do you want your kids to be bilingual? Bilingualism has academic, emotional, and social development benefits for your kids. Speaking and understanding more than one language will open a world of possibilities for them. Below are some of the benefits of bilingualism to your kids.

  • It boosts empathy.
    Research shows that bilingual children are more empathetic compared to monolingual kids. These kids can relate to multiple cultures and develop empathy as they travel from one place to another. If you want to encourage kids to learn a new language, enroll them at a daycare in New York that offers language programs.
  • It improves academic skills.
    When your kids enroll in language development in New York City, New York, they will learn a new language and improve their academic performance. It boosts their vocabulary, arts, science, and problem-solving skills. Learning a new language works wonders for your child’s overall academic performance.
  • It promotes multitasking.
    Bilingual or multilingual kids achieve greater cognitive control and are better at multitasking. Switching from one language to another encourages flexible thinking, allowing them to achieve flexibility of thought and manage multiple tasks, whether at home or preschool.

Petits Poussins UES is a French-English bilingual daycare. In our UES bilingual daycare and preschool, we believe diversity is a strength and deserves celebration. Here at our educational bilingual setting, we make learning fun! Well-being, happiness, academic development, and language acquisition are the foundation of our learning model. Contact us today for more information about our programs and services.

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