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Promoting Your Child’s Vocabulary Development


Enhancing your child’s vocabulary is fundamentally important since it improves all areas of communication, such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It helps expand a child’s knowledge of words and improve their understanding of the world.

As a reputable daycare in New York, we provide you with tips on how to enhance your child’s vocabulary.

  • Incorporate a variety of descriptive words into daily conversation.
    When children hear more words daily, the more they will learn, absorb and eventually use the words. Find opportunities to give examples using descriptive language by describing what they want.
  • Promote second language learning.
    Learning a second language like French gives your child opportunities to learn new words, develop critical-thinking skills, and promote cultural sensitivity.
  • Make labels.
    Labeling household items at your home helps them recognize what the word looks like.
  • Visit a library.
    A library is an ideal place to start building your child’s vocabulary and early reading skills. They are surrounded by books and literary references that will expose them to new words.

If you want to provide opportunities for your child to widen their vocabulary, a French-English bilingual daycare will be the best investment for you, such as Petits Poussins UES.

To apply in our preschool, please send us a message. We are excited to support your child’s development and unleash their full potential.

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