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Tips to Encourage Early Literacy in Children

tips-to-encourage-early-literacy-in-childrenEarly literacy is what children know about reading before they develop the skill. Hence, it does not necessarily mean teaching your child to read. Rather, it entails helping children develop the skills they need to become successful readers. In addition to early education, there are ways you can promote early literacy at home as well.

As a leading preschool in New York, we will share tips to encourage early literacy in children:

  • Make reading a part of your routine.
    Establish a routine that includes reading age-appropriate books together. Point out certain words and discuss the contents of the book afterward. This can be done before naptime or bedtime and also creates a time during the day that both of you can look forward to.
  • Ask your child questions.
    As you read to your child, make the experience more interactive by asking questions like “What was your favorite part of the story?” or “Which character did you like?”. Asking these questions will encourage your child to communicate and develop his or her concentration skills.
  • Point out similar words.
    In addition to childcare, parents can encourage early literacy at home by pointing out similar words. Point out words in a book that begin with the same letter to help your child become familiar with the letter. As time goes on, your child will begin to associate certain words with that letter.

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