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Child Care Safety Protections In Our Center


Child care is a necessity for all children, and millions of parents across the country rely on it each day. Like every parent, they expect that every child care center provides safety to their children. Here at Petits Poussins UES, a trusted Daycare in the Upper East Side, New York, is a place of learning where your children remain in a safe and nurturing environment at all times.

One of the things that keep our Preschool in New York secure is having security cameras in all classrooms. This way we can track every person that is in contact with every kid all the time. This also gives children extra security throughout the day.

Our Childcare center security only allows staff, teachers, carers, and parents inside the premises. We have passes and IDs that need to be presented to get inside the center. Not everyone is allowed inside for security purposes.

Aside from safety measures to ensure your child’s safety, we are also a well-established French-English Bilingual Preschool. We expose your children to the French language at a young age for them to easily adapt to French-speaking and its culture.

Always choose a center that provides your little ones with the best possible learning experiences. We have a wide range of Child Care Programs that you can choose from.

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