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How to Avoid Tantrums in Children


Being a parent is not easy, especially when you have to deal with tantrums. But dealing with tantrum is also part of childcare and how you deal with it affects the child’s overall development.

As the leading daycare in New York, we are experts when it comes to handling children’s mood. Below are some tips that will help you avoid tantrums:

  • You need to observe your child well. Knowing what triggers tantrums can help you taking steps to deliberately avoid them. Avoid situations that may likely trigger their tantrums such as passing by the toys and treats section in the grocery.
  • Consistency is key. Children react better when they know what to expect. So, create an everyday routine, and as much as you can, stick to it. If there are changes to the routine, make sure you let them know ahead.
  • Let your child make decisions. Don’t say no to everything and give them a sense of control. Start with letting them choose what color they want to wear, what fruit they want to eat, what book they want to read, or what game they want to play.
  • Whenever they do something good, give them extra attention. Praise them for a job well done and provide small rewards sometimes. You can also give them a hug or let them know verbally how proud of them you are for what they’ve done.

We are a preschool in New York that offers bilingual classes (French and English) committed to preparing children for their coming years. We want each child to unleash their full potential and develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in life.

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